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Birmingham Alberto is a development project in San Mateo, Rizal and is a pride for this development firm. They have managed to combine affordability with beautiful home designs that are sure to impress any potential home buyer. Aside from the flexible payment schemes and the reasonable pricing on their house models, you can also expect to enjoy a few facilities and amenities that would make your life more convenient and for you to enjoy living within this community.

The first basic amenity available at Birmingham Alberto concerns the security and safety of the homeowners. This community is fully gated with 24/7 security. Hence, you will feel secure knowing that your family is safe as soon as you step inside this subdivision. Aside from the entrance gate, the entire perimeter will also be protected by a fence to keep off any unwanted persons from the community.

In addition to an entrance gate, Birmingham Alberto residents will also have a clubhouse that will be open for them to use at their disposal. This clubhouse will serve as a social venue so you can use it for birthdays, parties, and other occasions. It is adequately spaced to ensure that you have enough room for any activities you might want to use the space for.

Aside from the clubhouse and entrance gate, Birmingham Alberto will also have a playground for the kids. Leisure amenities are a staple in modern developments such as Birmingham Alberto. Hence, your kids can use this amenity that is specially created for them to enjoy the refreshing outdoor air and to also have fun with other kids from the community.

For the adults, there are also adequate amenities available for you to use. One example is the basketball court. This court, while it is intended for basketball use, can also be used for other sports such as volleyball or tennis. You can get creative with the use of this space and maximize the recreational opportunities available.

The facilities and amenities available at Birmingham Alberto are not just limited to the recreational use. There are also several facilities within the entire development that would offer convenience to the homeowners upon moving in. For the example, the entire subdivision will come with concretized roads, curbs, and gutters. An underground drainage system will also ensure that the community will remain flood-free even with heavy rains. This is a great facility to enjoy especially considering that the area is already known to be free from floods. This will serve as double assurance that your home will be safe and secure from the elements. The electrical and water systems and fixtures are also built into each home so you can enjoy water and electrical services upon moving in. 

Finally, every homeowner will receive their land title once the unit is turned over. You will be able to guarantee rightful ownership of the property once you have duly accomplished all of the necessary documents for the purchase of the house and lot. These are just some of the facilities and amenities that you can enjoy and take advantage of as a homeowner in Birmingham Alberto.

House Specifications:

  • Long Span Colored Roof
  • Steel Roof Framing
  • Tiled Bathroom
  • Steel Casement Windows
  • Complete Toilet & Bath
  • Complete Electrical Wiring and Fixtures
  • Complete Water/Plumbing Pipes & Fixtures
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
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